Our Tour Bikes

CB500X in rice paddy Thailand





The Honda CB500X is our default tour bike. We’ve been using these bikes since they first came out 4 years ago and have nothing but praise for them. Light, nimble and bombproof, they are the ideal bike for solo riders. To minimize potential tour-ending damage we fit engine crash bars and all bikes are equipped with panniers for your convenience. More info and specs here.





Suzuki Vstrom 650 in Thailand



The Suzuki V Strom 650 is our standard tour bike for those carrying a pillion passenger. This bike is eminently suitable for performing that task in the environments we tour in. It’s slightly larger size over the Honda CB500X means more comfort and the larger engine means more power to climb those big hills to get the impressive views! Like the Honda CB500Xs we’ve kitted these bikes out with crashbars and panniers but for the comfort of the pillion passenger, and to provide extra storage, we have also fitted a top box. Specs for the V Strom here.






Honda CRF 250 off rad



For our offroad tours we use the tried and tested Honda CRF250L. But wait a minute, that bike in stock form is somewhat gutless! We agree! That’s why we have painstakingly modified them to become CRF300Ls. We’ve taken the standard engine and given it an extra 37cc and raised the compression ratio from 10.7 to 1 to 11.5 to 1, with upgraded CDI and modified throttle body and an aftermarket exhaust system. The power output has been increased by over 35% from 22.8 hp to a much more respectable 31 hp. This is now a decent weapon for either single or double track riding. All bikes come with full knobblies and rear racks to carry day luggage and a bottle of water if you’re not wearing a bladder. We also fit Renthal handlebars and replace the stock gear lever with a folding-tip one to minimise the fact that minor damage could spell the end of your day’s ride. Details of the stock CRF250L can be viewed here.