Meet the Team

Jeff Pike – Business Owner/Partner


Jeff started with the TBB Tours parent company (Tony’s Big Bikes – Est 2002) in 2008 after moving to Chiang Mai in 2005. He is married to “Kat”, a local Thai lady. Jeff is the “computer geek” and administrates the websites and is also one of the primary riders that accompanies the T.A.T guide on road-based tours. His other passions are his heavily modified 2007 Triumph Bonneville, his 2014 Royal Enfield and beer!





Duncan Green – Business Owner/Partner


Duncan joined Jeff in 2013 and is the “ideas man” behind TBB Tours, constantly looking for new routes to offer more choice and variety to customers. He specializes in off road adventure tours and like Jeff is the lead rider when accompanied by a T.A.T guide on tour. Duncan has a long-term Thai partner named “Bo” who is also the key admin lady and “Tour Administrator”. His other interests include good dining and cricket. In his leisure time he rides a 2015 Honda CB1100, a Triumph Tiger 1050 and a 2008 Suzuki GSX1400 – all very quickly!




Alex Conway – Shop Manager


Due to the popularity of both the rental and the tour side of the business Jeff and Duncan decided to recruit a shop manager to free them both up to concentrate on curating the tour side of the business to be the very best in Thailand. To this end they were looking for someone who met the criteria of being British, knowledgeable about motorcycles, honest, reliable and easy going. Alex fitted the bill perfectly and came aboard in May of 2016. Alex is responsible for the day to day running of the shop but also gets out and about on his CRF250 when not working.




Watsamon Kamthae (a.k.a “Bo”) – Tour Administrator


Bo is Duncan’s partner and an invaluable asset to the shop. Bo’s a Thai national totally fluent in English speech, reading and writing and a T.A.T licenced Tour Guide. She spends her time dealing with sometimes difficult bureaucratic tasks to ensure that there are no foul ups when on tour. Hotels are booked, border crossings are checked and all bike paperwork is in order. Thank you Bo! Bo rides a Honda Zoomer but has recently taught herself to ride a manual bike and loves the Honda CB300F.




Kat Pike – Customer Greeter

Kat Pike looking serene

Judging from her surname you’d assume Kat was Jeff’s partner and you’d be right! Married since 2005 Kat does not officially work in the shop but is often to be found there meeting the customers with her beaming smile and great sense of humour. Kat rides a 300cc Honda Forza and like Bo, is also competent on a manual bike, sometimes taking Jeff’s Royal Enfield Classic 500 for a spin.





The Mechanics

These three local guys Cot, Pin and An ensure that the bikes you ride on our tours are in tip-top shape mechanically.