2018 Thailand Motorcycle Adventures

Welcome to the new TBB Blog! Here we will endeavour to post a brief overview of each of our fantastic guided motorcycle tours along with carefully chosen pictures so as you, the reader can make an informed decision when it comes to choosing which tour suits your desires.

We often get asked “So what does TBB stand for?” The short answer is that it is an abbreviation of “Tony’s Big Bikes” – the rental shop that started it all way back in 2002.

The longer answer is that we have elected to shorten it to TBB to consciously move away from the rental side of the business which we closed in April 2018 to enable us to fully focus on delivering the top quality guided motorcycle tour experience we believe all our customers deserve. TBB Tours will always be referred to as “TBB” but it could stand for “Thai Boutique Bike Tours” as we strive to deliver an individual experience on each tour we plan and ride.

Without any further ado, let’s have a bit of a recap of what we have been up to so far in 2018.

January saw us in Doi Mae Salong, high up in the north by the Burmese border where the local Lisu and Akha hilltribes were celebrating their New Year. (Golden Triangle Tour and Total North Thailand Tour)

Doi Mae Salong | Golden Triangle Tour, Total North Thailand Tour

Further east in the Phu Chi Fah area, close to the border with Laos, the local Hmong hilltribe were also celebrating their New Year.

Phu Chi Fah, close to the Laos border | TBB Tours, Thailand Motorcycle Adventures

Members of the Hmong Hill tribe from Phu Chi Fah area, close to the Laos border | TBB Tours, Thailand Motorcycle Adventures

February, saw us visiting the magical country of Burma, now known as Myanmar. This tour is just fantastic and is one that will create everlasting memories. (The Road to Mandalay Tour)

Myanmar Motorcycle Adventures

March and we are in beautiful Mae Hong Son, Thailand’s least populated province due to the mountainous terrain. But what do mountains mean to motorcycle riders? Yep, twisties!

April through to September is our low season where we continue to ride and in fact, have some of the best rides due to the fact that the rains normally come by May and wash everything clean and bring out the grehdfenery. We often get enquiries about the seasons and the best times to ride and can break it down like this:

October to March – main riding season. There’s a chance of rain October/November but usually light and towards the end of the day. Coolest months are December & January with daytime temps mid to high twenties (celcius) and night temps down to 10 or 12 in some areas (even lower the higher up you go).

April to June – hot season. Normally dry, but with a chance of thunderstorms. Very hot. It can reach the low 40s.

July to September – wet season. Here we get the most rain but it’s a very pleasant time of year to ride as the temps are moderate, comfortable low thirties most of the time and when it does rain, it’s usually late afternoon. Stunning views due to the clarity of the air.

October sees us ramping up for another tremendous high season and as the rain have stopped, it’s a great chance to get out on the dirt bikes and explore areas not normally accessible. (Off Road / Adventure Tours).

Once again, November and December will see us running a full schedule of tours across the whole of northern Thailand, Burma and also into Laos (The Four Countries Loop Tour).

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